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Garrison footwear is a footwear design and supply company based in Manchester UK.

Unlike many other footwear supply companies Garrison do not operate as an agent between customer and factory, we like to think of ourselves as a footwear department covering all areas of the footwearbusiness from concept through to delivery.

For the past 7 years Garrison have worked with and alongside numerous brands here in the UK and in Europe to create, build and supply footwear ranges that serve the dual purpose of complimenting existing ranges of clothing and footwear and also further enhancing the brands product portfolio to include well designed and crafted shoes.


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Concept & Design

When it comes to creating a range of footwear our small design team have the experience and capability to bring together influences from wherever needed and to add that certain point of difference to ensure from the very start the product not only fits in with the brands message and thinking but also possibly pushes into areas of footwear that the brand may well never had considered when the initial thoughts of a footwear range had been conceived.

All designs created include the relevant views of the product combined with cross sections where required to enable the brand to present the range to its potential customers and so ensure that from the very start the brands customer can get a great feel for the products well ahead of any initial prototype or sample.


On all matters technical our footwear is monitored closely from technical specification through sample and all the way along the production tooling to ensure the product performs as well as the samples look and feel. We travel to the factory with the tech packs to ensure that each factory understands from the very start of the development on each line just what is required.

We control and monitor this process with our in-house teams in Asia and Europe that work alongside the factories technicians to assist in key points along the process such as material procurement,last development and fit, upper pattern grading and sole creation and manufacture. This close monitoring of the technical development of each product is carried through to the production trails with detailed fit and performance testing being carried out by our team and in certain cases by a third party testing company should the customer require.


We develop and manufacture our shoes in 6 sites around the world: China North, China South, Vietnam North, Thailand, Spain, and Portugal. This relatively small number of suppliers covers all our product type and construction needs for our customer base. From quality Thai rubber sandals through to European welted lines. All of our suppliers have worked alongside us for a minimum of 4 years and in certain cases in excess of 10 years.

In keeping the numbers of suppliers down to one in each key area of the Worlds shoe making areas we are in a stronger position to maintain clear control on the development and manufacture process while at the same time retain the ability to move production to sites we feel would or could produce the required construction of footwear to the desired level.


Every single product we produce carries with it a 2 stage set of production samples, order confirmation samples for every style in each colour is supplied to our customer prior to production with a second sign of pre shipment set of samples offered also to ensure our customers know that everything they have ordered will indeed arrive to the agreed specification (this includes packaging and any labelling requested).

Behind these sign off samples our QC teams work independently of the factory and operate on behalf of Garrison from the very start of the goods inwards process in ensuring the materials and components purchased to produce or orders are 100% as the signed of pre-production samples and that process follows through every single aspect of the production process leading up to the shipment of the final sign off samples and the goods being sent.

Customer Liason

Certain customers we work alongside feel that at times they require assistance in presenting either designs or products to key accounts in an area that is less familiar to them than its main product category and request that a member of our team sit in with a one of its sales team to assist the initial selling process, and this is something we are well used to.

Should it be required we will ensure that a member of our team be on hand to talk through areas such as product concept design or run through the finer points of the samples if required – we see this as a great aid in the initial selling process where a dedicated footwear sales person may not be in a position to do so.

Product Testing & EU Regulations

Ensuring the factories we use are of a standard that befits the manufacture of branded footwear each of our factories have had independent audits carried out on them to ensure all ethical and factory safety aspects are closely implemented and monitored. Everyone is aware of the increasing focus of attention in this area given recent events where these areas have been neglected. We will never use factories that we feel could ever jeopardise the reputation of our customers and monitor all our factories with regular audits every 18 months to ensure this is kept this way.


To ensure our customers take delivery of bulk orders and sales samples as swiftly as possible we work alongside the logistics teams of our customers to work within its established logistical procedures when organising shipments and deliveries. Sometimes this will involve using the customers in house system or can take the shape of a spreadsheet or database, this is something we are well accustomed to and will work in unison with the relevant team to supply key documentation at the right time and containing the relevant information to enable the goods to be processed in an efficient and timely fashion.

We understand the time importance of this area and work when requested with customers nominated carriers directly to make sure the factory process the despatch of orders and samples promptly and with the key paperwork processed and passed on to the right people.